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Our Vision: Americans & Palestinians Freely Doing Business Together
Our Mission: Creating Business Relationships Between Americans & Palestinians

Who are we? What do we do?

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What We Do

Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE) is an Illinois nonprofit that works with business communities in America and Palestine. We create engagement and relationships between Americans and Palestinians in the business community.


Why We Do It

Engagement and relationships with American businesses can give Palestinians new awareness of what is possible, as well as ideas that will stretch their current thinking. Constructive engagement between American and Palestinian business people will create a more informed and positive image of Palestine and Palestinians in the American business community. Strong American and Palestinian business relationships may dampen or lift impediments on the ground.
Business relationships between Palestinians and Americans will help Palestine become more economically independent, less donor-dependent, and will create jobs that make it possible for Palestinians to earn a living and raise their families in Palestine. Strong Palestinian economic activity will create conditions that stabilize and make the Middle East more secure. Ultimately, we anticipate that relationships between business communities in Palestine and America will create conditions that favor justice, security and peace.


Resource Network in America

The mentoring, coaching and connecting that underpins the AVPE business model comes from the network of volunteers that starts with our Board of Directors and continues as AVPE recruits and brings new members into the network. We recruit Americans with experience and expertise to fulfill the specific business requests of Palestinian businesses. These volunteers will mentor, coach and create American linkages for people in Palestinian businesses. Although initially our focus is on fulfilling Palestinian requests in America, we will also be alert to American businesses that may be open to exploring the use of products and services from the Palestinian business community.


Identifying Opportunities for Palestinian businesses

In Palestine, AVPE will work with business, trade and funding organizations to recruit Palestinian businesses that can benefit from our services. Based on a robust set of request criteria, Palestinian business people will be challenged to engage with Americans to learn what is required for success as they enter or build their market share in the American marketplace. Even if the Palestinian business decides not to enter the American marketplace, we expect their learnings to be applied to their local markets or to markets in other parts of the world.


AVPE will prioritize those business sectors that deliver the most impact on the Palestinian economy, as defined by Palestinians, specifically agriculture, IT services, tourism, stone, marble and furniture. We will work with Palestinian businesses in all sectors but will seek out those in these impact sectors.


AVPE Services

AVPE has three primary business services. These services will be delivered by a network of advisors that AVPE will maintain and recruit to fulfill the specific business requests that come to us from Palestinian business people.

Administrative Fees

AVPE fees help pay administrative, infrastructure and operating expenses. Volunteers who work with Palestinian companies do not receive compensation but are reimbursed for expenses. The Palestine Operations Officer and the American Operations Officer are expected to receive compensation for their operational work. Our modest fees will help AVPE become substantially self-sustaining. The fees vary depending on what it will take to fulfill the Palestinian requests. Although the application fee of $100 is due at the time of application, other fees specified in a written proposal are not due until the plans in the proposal have been executed. If the request requires a highly specialized service for fulfillment, AVPE may refer qualified providers that can deliver these services.


Investment Opportunities

In addition to our core business described above, AVPE also facilitates positive investment. AVPE informally shares public information on Palestinian investment opportunities with Americans seeking to invest in Palestine.


Contact Information

American business people seeking to volunteer or to explore the use of products and services from the Palestinian business community should contact the American Operations Officer. Palestinian business people seeking to engage with the American business community should contact the Palestinian Operations Officer.


Palestine Operations Officer
Reema AbuShaheen

America Operations Officer
Layla Kaiksow