Iris Solutions

Iris Solutions is a Palestinian L.L.C., registered in 2010, operating in the field of custom interactive and touch technology. In 2013 Iris ventured firmly into the area of assistive technology. They quickly became the leading provider of sensory environments in Palestine through the provision of innovative solutions catering for socially vulnerable groups. Over the past three years, Iris deployed 21 sensory environments across Palestine. In 2015, Iris delivered a technological breakthrough, via successfully developing a technology that can transform a regular/convention room into a complete sensory environment in a plug-and-play fashion. Currently, there are more than 5,000 children and adults using Iris technology.

They seek to develop relationships with research centers, institutions, universities and other stakeholders in the field of health and medical equipment to validate, test and refine their technology. They seek business relationships that will help them export the sensory box to the American market.

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Please email Ed Thompson to explore a business relationship with Iris Solutions.