Nablus Soap Company

Nablus Soap Company is a family business that has manufactured traditional soap for over 400 years. The family is well known in this sector. The company is the only one in the world that is still using Virgin Olive Oil in manufacturing Nabulsi Soap.

The company wants to market Nablus soap to the whole world and is investing time and funds to acquire knowledge of the latest innovations and trends that are shaping the markets. They want to keep Nablus soap meeting the needs of the ever-changing tastes and preferences of customers. Nablus soap is made of natural, botanical ingredients with more than 80% virgin olive oil. It contains no preservatives. It is not tested on animals. The soap is 100% biodegradable. It is good for your skin and the environment.

The company offers Traditional Natural Soap, Herbal Nablus Soap, Nablus Gel (Liquid) Soap and Arabisc Soap for sensitive skin. They currently market their products across the West Bank, European Union, Israel as well as Asian and Arabic Markets.

Nablus Soap Company is seeking to enter the US market and form business relationships for product distribution to suitable niche companies such as retailers that emphasize green products, department stores, hotels and resorts or beauty boutiques. The company wants to brand the Nabulsi soap in the US market as an organic product that provides natural benefits.

Please email Ed Thompson to explore a business relationship with Nablus Soap Company.