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Our Vision: Americans & Palestinians Freely Doing Business Together
Our Mission: Creating Business Relationships Between Americans & Palestinians

Palestine Stock Exchange


Eight brokers are members with the credentials to trade the 50 securities on the Palestine Stock Exchange (PEX). Information related to the PEX can be found on the website link in the previous sentence. In addition to the PEX itself, there are English versions of news updates for the listed securities, an Investor Monthly Newsletter and a Member Brokerage Firms’ Report. The Al Quds Index consists of 15 representative companies from the 50 on the PEX. In September 2016 Palestine Gets FTSE Frontier Market Status for First Time as announced by Bloomberg.


If you are interested in considering the purchase of securities on the PEX, please send an email and we will provide information about brokers that are willing to assist Americans that request services from them.